Parent Education

1:1 virtual parent support is where you will meet with a pediatric occupational therapist virtually at any frequency you'd like to discuss any topics/ difficulties you are facing with your child.

Parents play such a big part in our children's lives and yet, parents are often left out/ asked to wait in the lobby during their children's therapy sessions. We are here to help you understand your child's behaviors and needs better so you can better support them at home and more importantly, be their advocate in other settings.

Parent support sessions can also be provided in Cantonese/ Mandarin to better help your family's needs.

man and woman sitting on white couch
man and woman sitting on white couch

Parenting in general takes a lot of knowledge, time, love, and energy. When your child has other needs that can best be supported by an occupational therapist, your role as a parent may require more.

We are here to offer support, a listening ear, and provide you with a community that is like minded.


What is it good for?

Tools and Resources

There is no possible way for a parent to know all that their child may need, especially when they have a delay, diagnosis, or difficulty with emotional regulation.

That is what we are here for. To provide that parent coaching on how to best support your child at home, school, and in the community. We will provide home program ideas and resources for the future.



Contact Us

Whether you have a question about services we offer or you are unsure if your child needs occupational therapy, email us! If anything, we are here as a resource to point you in the right direction.