Group Programs

Group programs, led by pediatric occupational therapists, offer a safe and playful setting for expanding upon your developing child's milestones, while also incorporating a fun community of parents. We offer a variety of group programs at different times of the year that are typically one time a week for 45 minutes! Please contact us or refer to our postings for more information.


What is it good for?

If you are a parent looking for some extra help with your baby's developmental milestones, child's picky eating, or just need a sense of community with other parents, this is for you! The following are some areas that we can provide group sessions for:

Tummy Time

Crawling & Walking

Developmental Milestones

Starting Solids & Food Exploration

Sensory Groups


Contact Us

Whether you have a question about services we offer or you are unsure if your child needs occupational therapy, email us! If anything, we are here as a resource to point you in the right direction.