Free Consultation

We offer a free 15-minute phone call consultation for you to ask any questions and determine if your child would benefit from an evaluation, individualized therapy, and/or group programs. It can be frustrating as a parent or caregiver trying to navigate your child's needs. If anything, we can point you in the right direction of what might help foster their success.


Even if occupational therapy is not the answer for your child, we can help as best we can to point you in the right direction of another service that may be beneficial.

Some other options might be: speech and language therapy, applied behavior analysis therapy, physical therapy, vision therapy, or a child psychologist.

Send us an email for inquiries!


What is it good for?


As a parent, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out what services your child might need or what will help to make them successful in the long run. There is so much information out there nowadays.

We are here to answer your questions and help you decide if individual therapy and/or group programs will meet your child's needs and you as the parent!


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Whether you have a question about services we offer or you are unsure if your child needs occupational therapy, email us! If anything, we are here as a resource to point you in the right direction.