Individual Therapy

Individual therapy helps children use play and semi-structured activities to promote learning and development, led by an occupational therapist.
Individual therapy offers a safe and playful setting for improving your child's deficit areas. Most often, individual therapy sessions are 45 minutes long and involve one on one therapy virtually or in home. Depending on the needs of the child, one or both parents may be in the session to promote carry over at home.

Reflex Integration (e.g. primitive reflexes retained)
Fine Motor Skills (e.g. grasp)
Visual-Motor Skills (e.g. handwriting)
Self-Care Skills (e.g. self-feeding)


What is it good for?

If your child was recently evaluated by an occupational therapist and is recommended occupational therapy services, this is for you. In occupational therapy, we work on a variety of skills that are important for your child's development, participation, and engagement in their daily life. The following are some areas that we can work on during an occupational therapy session:

Gross Motor Skills (e.g. motor planning)
Feeding (e.g. picky eating)
Emotional Regulation (e.g. anxiety)
Sensory Regulation (e.g. sensory processing)


Contact Us

Whether you have a question about services we offer or you are unsure if your child needs occupational therapy, email us! If anything, we are here as a resource to point you in the right direction.